Since 1994, Chelly and Peter have created rusty wire works for galleries, private homes, restaurants, cafes, vineyards and corporate spaces, and their sculptures and stunning home and gallery has appeared in magazines including Vogue Living, Country Style, InsideOut and Marie Clare.

It all started by chance. Chelly and Peter met while studying ceramics at university in Bendigo and together decided to set up a ceramics workshop.
“We went to an auction and bought a timber rack for our planned ceramics studio,” Peter says. “Stuck on the rack was a roll of rusty wire.”
The coiled wire appealed to the then Daylesford-based artists who twisted and curled it into a birdcage....

“As soon as we finished the birdcage we took it to the Convent Galley and the owner thought it was fantastic. The artists returned home and started to make other items in the same manner.

“We made things based on what we needed in our house,” Peter recalls.
The birdcage was followed by candelabra, twisted fruit bowls, fire screens and even a bed. An outdoor toilet without electricity had a twisted wire candleholder.

That was 19 years ago. The couple has since sent work to homes, shops and galleries across Australia, and have had exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. “People love the thought that their piece was once a wire fence,” says Peter, who admits they never used the ceramics rack ....read more